If you become a partner in our VoIP reseller program, you gain access to all of our telecom services, including the following:

VoIP Reseller Opportunities

International Numbers


VoIP Calling Cards

Call Forwarding (worldwide)


Why Should You Join?

Joining our Partner Program puts you in our inner circle, giving you unlimited access to one of the top telecommunications service providers offering some of the very best telecom services on the global market.

Our VoIP reseller program options lets you take advantage of the leverage our brand has to start your own telecom business or to add to your existing business. You can even choose the white label option, and sell all of our telecom services under your own brand!

What Should You Expect?

When you sign up, you know you are getting full support from all angles.

We offer you:

When you join our VoIP reseller program, you start a partnership with a brand people trust; they know when they deal with you that they are assured of the highest voice quality. You can choose to be a Prepaid or Postpaid agent, a private label reseller, or simply a VoIP calling card Distributor.

What Support Can You Expect?

We know starting a new business can be confusing and stressful – so we take the confusion and stress out of the equation. We offer those who take advantage of our VoIP reseller opportunities all the support you can imagine – from tips on how to start a telecom business, back-end support for sales and service, and everything you need in a turn-key package that makes getting started one of the easiest things you’ll ever do,.

If you decide to be a VoIP reseller, our program provides competitive wholesale rates for VoIP service as well as business VoIP solutions. We also have a callback reseller program which allows you to make high profits; callback agents make very high commissions. Finally, if you simply want to sell our VoIP calling cards, you can select either the distributor or white label option.

Please fill out our new agent form to start your application, and one of our highly trained Business Development Coordinators will contact you within one business day to help you realize your dream. You’ll never regret being part of our VoIP reseller program!