World calling phone card distributor business

If you get into the calling card business, phone cards will be shipped to you, the distributor, in batches of one thousand cards. There’s no risk of fraud because the cards are shipped with inactive PINs. When you get the shipment, you can activate the PINs with maximum retail value up to but not in excess of the total available distributor funds.

(Alternately, you can become a Private Label Reseller. In that case, you would purchase minutes in wholesale, manage your own retail markup rates, and create your own PINs. If this is the route you wish to take, please see our Private Label Reseller program page.)

There are many advantages to setting up this kind of business; calling cards are always in demand! Being a distributor means:

  1. There is no risk (inactive PINs for each card).
  2. There is no set-up fee – just wholesale product costs.
  3. You get instant commissions on receipt of funds
  4. There are multiple CallerID trigger numbers for reliable callback operation.
  5. You can opt to brand your own calling card.
  6. You can choose from several different retail rate/minute possibilities, each with its own commission schedule.
  7. We provide back office support that is strong and reliable, with dedicated professionals to keep your calling card business running smoothly.

When you sign up to distribute, you get instant access to our world phone card at a low wholesale price. These calling cards have a high profit margin and competitive rates, so you can quickly start making a profit. Being in the calling card business is one of the best options for budding entrepreneurs, since it costs little to get started and delivers prompt returns.

To start your new career as a world phone card distributor, please fill out our new agent form. A Business Development Coordinator will contact you within one business day!