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Cheaper Jail Calls, Guaranteed.

Inmate calls from the largest providers like Securus, GTL, Global Tel Link, Vconnect and others will charge you unfair rates per minute. Pay far less per minute when an inmate calls the special phone number we assign you.

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Spend Less and Talk More With GlobalTel

We know how much your family, friends, and significant others mean to you. We understand that jail calling companies are charging too much money per minute. That’s why we created GlobalTel. We help inmates and their families stay together with affordable jail calls.

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Start Saving on Inmate Calls Both Local and Long Distance

Our service is billed separately from your GTL, Securus, GlobalTel Link, Vconnect, Offender Connect, Paytel, or other jail call provider account. You will see the savings when you pay your bill to these companies. GlobalTel reduces the per minute cost for both local and long distance jail calls, even international ones! When an inmate calls your specially assigned phone number your personal phone will ring. You will save money each minute you talk, allowing you to talk longer without financial worry. Our service pays for itself and can save you hundreds of dollars each month on your phone bill. Sign up today and claim your first 90 days of service with GlobalTel!

We Are The Lowest Cost Jail Calling Option

We have saved people millions of dollars in jail call fees over the years. Sign up now and start saving as well. There is no downside to trying out GlobalTel as you will save hundreds of dollars per month with us. Get started today!

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